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From the bottom of my PE locker (which I don’t know the combination to and I really meant to wash those clothes a month and a half ago) here’s the: Top 10 things I’ll miss about Kamiakin Jr High!

10. The care with which the teachers taught us (with the exception of certain teachers who made random threats on our lives… but they were good threats)

9. The chilling guitar play of Mr. Hilburn. Eric Clapton, Mr. Hilburn, I could never…. Tell the difference!

8. School lunches…. 1 word…. GAZPACHO!

7. The excellent PE events… and, thank GOD! they didn’t make me climb rope.

6. As it turns out, the reason we don’t use the lockers is because Mr. Mack has been living in them for 2 years… what? Oh ok, kids Mr. Mack just called, if your chewing gum please report to locker 125 to receive further punishment

5. Kamiakin sports… My god we stink! They let ME play football!

4. The Iowa tests… Mmmmm Iowa!

3. The dads breakfast… I think it started at like 4-o clock in the morning I could never tell what looked worse, the eggs or my dad!

2. Band… Ward Brannman, after 7th grade he told me to just sit there and not blow and look at me now! I really blow!

1. Doing CAPstone… It was fun making tennis shoes in Paraguay for a nickel a day! And all the rice and water we could eat in drink… Gerritt Kischner… I love ya man!